After Completion of Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment has now been completed. The root canal system has been permanently sealed. However, the outer surface might be sealed with a temporary restoration per your general dentist’s request. A permanent restoration must be placed to protect your tooth against fracture and decay. Please telephone your restorative dentist for an appointment. In some cases, where applicable, we will place the final restoration or perform the bonded build up procedure and make the tooth ready for a crown which will be done by your dentist. Occasionally a post is required to retain the core build up material in the tooth. Your restorative dentist and endodontist will determine the appropriate restoration to best protect your tooth. A complete report of treatment will be sent to your restorative dentist. Recall appointments are required to evaluate the progress of healing. You can make the first appointment for the follow up exam at the completion of your endodontic treatment or our office will contact you in six months.

Your tooth is more prone to fracture immediately after endodontic treatment if it does not have a crown already. You should stay on a soft diet and try to chew on the other side until your restorative dentist has placed a core build-up and a protective restoration, usually a crown. Please feel free to call our office at 626.440.0177 should you have any questions.